BlueWater Automation was formed in 2012 and consists of a group of passionate individuals, striving to design and manufacture the most versatile and agile secondary packaging equipment in the marketplace.

Today, food safety initiatives are driving much of the innovation we are seeing in both processing and primary packaging equipment. As space utilization and cost reduction are determining factors in ROI calculations, there is also a trend to move secondary/end of line packaging equipment into production areas, exposing the equipment to wash down environments.

BlueWater Automation has responded to the market demand. With almost 100 years of collective design experience specific to this segment of packaging automation, we started from a blank sheet to design and supply wash down protected secondary/end of line equipment.

Our F16-T Fully Automatic Case Former and C16 Fully Automatic Case Sealer are the first of a new generation of packaging equipment and represent what we believe to be the most significant advancement in case erecting/sealing technology in over 30 years.

BWA has departed radically from tradition and embraced new concepts to help guide us into a new era of packaging automation.

BlueWater equipment is manufactured and assembled in the USA by a team of experts in the field of case and tray forming equipment. In Canada, BlueWater is sold and supported exclusively by MD Packaging Inc, one of Canada’s foremost distributors of Inspection and Packaging Automation equipment.

For more info, please contact info@bluewaterautomation.com

Our Senior Management Team

Jamie Alboim BlueWater Automation CEO

Jaime Alboim – CEO

Jaime has been involved in the packaging industry for over twelve years. His experience includes a background in the flexible packaging industry having sold Automated Packaging Systems in Canada for many years. He was involved in numerous successful implementations of bagging lines in the food and consumer goods industries with a focus on long term programs for equipment and consumables.

He then spent five years at Mettler-Toledo Canada working and managing their Industrial/Retail Food segments. He was heavily involved in a number of food  association initiatives while at Mettler-Toledo and was also part of an International  group tasked in the design and implementation of hygienically designed sanitary  weighing equipment specific to the food and pharmaceutical industries. Jaime is widely considered an expert in the field of weighing/inspection equipment and remains a close adviser to a number of Canadian Food+Beverage companies looking for strategic advice on the use of weighing equipment in sanitary environments.

Jaime was an independent agent in the packaging industry from January 2010 – March 2017 and had a number of primary and secondary vendors he represented including MD Packaging Inc., One of Canada’s largest distributors of packaging automation equipment. In March 2017, Jaime acquired MD Packaging with his business partner Brett Payne.

Brett Payne BlueWater Automation COO

Brett Payne – COO

Brett joined Belcor Industries in early 1997, an upstart packaging machine manufacturer based in Richmond, BC. As what would become one of the foremost   end-of-line solution providers, his experience as the OEM Manager would provide  him with exposure to industry leading OEM’s, large integrated  projects and  fortune 500 companies throughout Canada, the United States and Latin America. Under the new Promach ownership group in 2002, he was promoted to Industrial Group Sales Manager for the combined BEL/Wexxar product line. During his 9 year tenure, the organization posted double digit growth every single year including  2002, a year in which many of our competitors lost market share.

Making a significant move in 2006, he accepted a Consulting position with Pearson Packaging Systems, a US based manufacturer with responsibility for North and Latin American Robotic and Integrated Systems sales. His primary mandate was to develop a strategic sales & marketing plan to utilize the Robotics and Integrated  Systems Group to leverage sales of Pearson’s core (high margin) products. He then  assisted the existing Pearson Region Sales Managers with the development of distribution channels to access the market.

In an effort to fill a void in the market by combining packaging automation  together with packaging consumables in valued added ways, he formed SpeedPak Packaging Systems in October of 2007. SpeedPak formed a strategic alliance with MD Packaging Inc., which he acquired in March 2017 with his business partner Jaime Alboim.

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