BlueWater Automation is a preferred distributor for Shurtape and the Shurseal solution in Canada.

BlueWater Automation strives to provide customers with the best of the best solutions, both custom engineered machinery and continuous improvement technologies in the industry. Shurtape is a product we rely on and recommend to our customers to be used both in conjunction with case formers and sealers but also as standalone/drop in upgrades to existing packaging lines. Our goal is to improve your bottom line and production efficiency by providing you with a product that has been constantly assessed/engineered and field tested with years of line experience.

A secure, easy-to-open adhesive solution is critical to both your bottom line and your reputation. You’ve invested a lot of time and dollars into your product. You’ve put countless hours and effort into its development, in creating quality measures, in designing eye-catching packaging, and even in shipping to ensure it gets to its destination intact. Essentially, you rely on that product – and carton – to make a great first impression.

Unfortunately, packaging issues along the supply chain can affect your company’s image – and your production efficiency. Selecting the right tape is essential to maintaining the integrity of your carton and product. It’s also critical to enabling lines to stay up and running. Shurtape packaging tape with an enhanced adhesive is engineered specifically for sealing highly recycled corrugated containers, particularly 100% recycled. The optimized adhesion formula results in higher shear, and also provides increased fiber tear when the tape is removed, offering tamper-evident security.

Tape issues, like not sticking and breaking, can be due to additional tape usage production downtime and reworks. Using Shurtape that has an aggressive adhesive, in some cases designed for your specific application, allows for a better bond. and since Shurtape offers easy and consistent unwind from the roll, this means less stretching and fewer breaks during application. This ultimately results unless tape usage and fewer reworks required.

The Importance of Wipe-Down Force

It’s important to note that all packaging tapes are pressure sensitive, meaning they require some type of wipe-down force to create a bond to the carton. The proper amount of pressure drives the Shurtape’s adhesive into the surface, allowing the adhesive to entangle itself deep within the fibers of the carton to create a secure seal.

In an automated setting, this force is provided by a tape applicator, which typically is designed with two rollers that are positioned at the front and rear of the unit. In many cases, the force generated by the rollers is not sufficient to create a secure seal, especially if you’re sealing under-filled cartons. With online shopping, under-filled containers are becoming more prevalent and present a major sealing issue for tape applicators. Under-filled cartons don’t have that resistance and therefore receive less force from the wipe-down mechanisms, which can lead to unsecure seals.
Shurtape paired its HP Series packaging tape with a PrimeLoc tape applicator to create the ShurSEAL Solution. The PrimeLoc tape applicator is designed with multiple, flexible wipe-down points, which allow for full utilization of the tape’s adhesive, even on under-filled cartons. This product has been tested and refined to deliver a carton sealing system that addresses concerns over weak seals. Shurtape packaging tape is uniquely engineered to create an instant bond to cartons and the PrimeLoc applicator is designed to deliver unmatched wipe-down force for secure, tamper-evident seals.

Why Shurtape?

  • Increase the strength of the sealed case (even with recycled corrugated content)
  • Reduce material waste
  • Increase the equipment availability/uptime by reducing tape breakage, or poor or improper application of Shurtape
  • Provide greater product protection with pilferage and a ͞no knife͟ easy open engineering (folded edges)

BlueWater Automation combines Shurtape HP Series packing tape with a PrimeLoc tape applicator for better carton seals and packaging line efficiency. This innovative packaging solution delivers consistent and secure seals, carton after carton. In an automated setting, being confident that the tape won’t break, tear, or stick securely is essential. Our inclusive service and support programs mean less downtime and a new proactive approach to increasing OEE. Shurtape

HP Series Packaging Tape Features

  • Forms an instant, permanent bond with cartons
  • Offers the highest holding power to fiberboard in the industry
  • Performs reliably

Shurtape features aggressive adhesive for the highest holding power, fiber tear for better security, folded edges for knifeless opening, and a wipe-down centre for stronger seals.

HP100 – General purpose grade hot melt packaging tape for sealing lightweight cartons.

HP132 – Cold environment hot melt packaging tape for lightweight carton sealing in temperatures from 20 F to 75 F.

HP200 – Production grade hot melt packaging tape for medium-weight carton sealing.

HP232 – Cold environment, production grade hot melt packaging tape for sealing medium-weight cartons in temperatures from 20 F to 75 F.

HP235 – Medium duty hot melt packaging tape for sealing highly recycled cartons, including 100 percent recycled. HP300 – Performance grade hot melt packaging tape for sealing medium-weight cartons subjected to handling stress.

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